1921 PLAYER PIANO, with Collection of Piano Rolls, including Classical, Popular, and Seasonal Music.
Donated by George Gill Ducharme in November, 2011

Donated to the Manchester Historical Society in November 2011 by George Gill Ducharme of Manchester, Connecticut. This piano was originally owned by his maternal grandparents, Vincenzo and Caterina Alescia, who, along with their family, enjoyed many hours of entertainment at this piano: singing along, dancing and listening. The piano stayed in the family for many years, and then was moved to The Community Place in Downtown Manchester, where musicians played it at free concerts.

On the right is a circa 1914 photo of the Alescia family, who originally owned this piano.

• Donor George Ducharme’s maternal grandparents are pictured standing in the back, left to right, Caterina Marino Alescia and Vincenzo (Alesci) Alescia and their children are below.

• Seated on the stool is Francesca Alescia, George’s aunt. 

• Standing in front, left to right, Emmanuella Alescia and Margarita Alescia, George’s mother and aunt respectively.