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The price you paid for wearing skates: Didn't you hate that, when the layers of leather sole of your shoe began separating, but managed to stay sewn together clear back by your heel. As you walked along that shoe would flap, or you wouldn't pick your foot up high enough to allow for the curled under layer of sole to clear the ground, and you'd stumble.

Skating was fun, all you needed was a skate key to draw in the clips near the toe of your shoe, a strong leather strap to go over top of your shoe, and you were flying down the sidewalk. I can recall wearing corduroy knickers, just like these boys are wearing; gosh, were we dapper! We didn't need to wear special attire like XXXL pants and shirts, and be burdened down with layers of silver chains much like the modern skateboarder.

Life was simpler then.

John Knoll photo