Undated photo of Engine #2. Doug MacGillvary, who shared this photo, says: "Locomotive #2 arrived in 1879. It was built by Baldwin Locomotive Works in Philadelphia, PA and is of the 0-4-4 Forney type design. SMRR named her the 'Mt. Nebo.'

She was retired from SMRR service around 1916-1917 and was then used by the Burnside Avenue Case Brothers paper mill, on the spur from the mill to the main line of the NYNH&H railroad." The Forney Museum of Transportation notes: "The Forney Locomotive 0-4-4-T -- tank type locomotive -- was designed and patented by Matthias Nace Forney (1835-1908). This type engine was built by several manufacturers....The extensive use of this type engine was on elevated railways such as the NY Elevated Railway, Brooklyn Elevated, and the Chicago Elevated. They were called the "Little Giants" and over 500 were in service at the turn of the last century hauling both freight and passengers....

Forney engines were sold to buyers all over the world for mining, lumber, plantations and for short-haul freight and passengers."

Webmaster's note: The South Manchester Railroad's locomotives were small because they hauled silk products and passengers. The term "goat" is used for small engines used in yards and for short hauls.