Woodbridge Farmstead

495 East Middle Turnpike

The Woodbridge Farmstead, at Manchester Green, is a charming combination of vintage buildings and a bucolic landscape.

The Woodbridge Farm and Meadowbrook Dairy once encompassed many acres at Manchester Green. Today, the house and grounds are owned by the Manchester Historical Society a gift from the late Raymond and Thelma Carr Woodbridge, who gave the property in 1998, reserving a life use.

The yellow farmhouse in the Greek revival style dates from 1830, and one of the barns dates from the late 1700s. A brook runs through the back yard of the property. The Farmstead was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1999.

This folk-art rendering of Manchester Green shows many of the historic buildings. Thelma Woodbridge commissioned artist Tom Menard to create the painting a number of years ago. To see the original work up close, come visit the Old Manchester Museum, where it is on permanent display.

Directions to the Woodbridge Farmstead:
The Woodbridge Farmstead is located at 495 East Middle Turnpike, east of the intersection of the Turnpike and Woodbridge Street, opposite the Green. To see the barn and grounds, walk down the grass driveway between the house and Woodbridge Pizza.

The Historical Society hosts open houses and special events at the barn and grounds. See the events page for details.