Woodbridge Farmstead

495 East Middle Turnpike

The Woodbridge Farmstead, at Manchester Green, is a charming combination of vintage buildings and a bucolic landscape.

The Woodbridge Farm and Meadowbrook Dairy once encompassed many acres at Manchester Green. Today, the house and grounds are owned by the Manchester Historical Society a gift from the late Ray and Thelma Carr Woodbridge, who gave the property in 1998, reserving a life use.

The yellow farmhouse in the Greek revival style dates from 1830, and one of the barns dates from the late 1700s. A brook runs through the back yard of the property. The Farmstead was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1999.

This folk-art rendering of Manchester Green shows many of the historic buildings. Thelma Woodbridge commissioned artist Tom Menard to create the painting a number of years ago. To see the original work up close, come visit the Old Manchester Museum, where it is on permanent display.

Directions to the Woodbridge Farmstead:
The Woodbridge Farmstead is located at 495 East Middle Turnpike, east of the intersection of the Turnpike and Woodbridge Street, opposite the Green.

It is not as yet open as a museum, but the Historical Society leads occasional tours of the grounds and is working on plans for use of the historic property in educational activities.