In 1937, after a 1935 Chapter 11 reorganization, Cheney Brothers sold off a great deal of property, including utilities, worker houses, and other property. The silk industry had begun declining after the peak year of 1923, and, like many businesses, Cheney Brothers fell on hard times during the 1930s, due in part to the Great Depression, the elimination of protective import tariffs, new fashion trends, and the arrival of synthetics. Textile production from all over New England moved to the southern states and to the Orient, where labor was cheaper.

The auctions of worker houses took place on September 23, 24, and 25, 1937. The auctioneers walked from house to house, followed by a large crowd. The auction itself was preceded by a catalog describing the properties. The auction catalog, reproduced at the bottom of this page, contained photos, maps, and listings of the properties, locations, dimensions of the land, and amenities. (In the property descriptions, by the way, "set tubs" refers to large and deep sinks that were used to wash clothes.)

245 dwellings, plus a store-dwelling and 5 garages, were transferred from Cheney Brothers to private owners during these three days.

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