Highland Park Newspapers: Tonica Water, Health, and Temperance
- Susan Barlow, December 2020

These newspapers from the late nineteenth century give us a glimpse into Manchester's past and the water-bottling company that the Case family operated in "The Highlands" the southeastern part of town. We are fortunate to have some copies of these fascinating publications promoting the sale of Tonica Water, which was bottled nearby at the springs. Today, the Case Brothers National Historic District, in what we call the Highland Park section of Manchester, includes a wilderness park: the Case Mountain Recreation Area, and former paper mills, the remains of a water-bottling operation, and family mansions. The Case, Stanley, and Dennison families were related and family members lived and worked close to the paper mills.

We thank the Case family for preserving and lending 6 of these editions for copying. The rest of the editions copied are from the archives of the Manchester HIstorical Society.

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