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The Highland News, background here, contains features, essays, ads, and testimonials about the water bottling operation at Highland Park. A subsequent publication, The Tonica Springs Record, is available elsewhere in this website. Tonica Springs water was featured in an October 25, 1961 article in The Manchester Evening Herald, "Tonica and Rock Water Once Called Cure-Alls" by Jack Repass, available in this website by clicking here. Here is an excerpt from that article: "Like Human Blood""An analysis of the water content revealed that it contained elements identical with those in human blood a pure water solution having potassium, sodium, lime, magnesium, iron and phosphoric acid. Pure human blood contains seven-eighths pure water and one-eighth of the above elements. The water was analyzed by Lewis M. Norton of the Massachusetts Institute of technology in Boston on Sept. 12, 1885, and as a result of the analysis the spring water was placed ahead of all other remedies as a tonic and blood purifier. About 5,000 bottles of the water were given away during the fall of 1885 and testimonials began coming into Messrs. Case Brothers which brought them to publish the Highland News..."

The Highland News measures 11-5/8" by 14-1/2."

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Volume 1, Number 1, published December 1885
Volume 1, Number 2, published February 1886
Volume 1, Number 3, published April 1886
Volume 1, Number 4, published May 1886
Volume 1, Number 5, published June 1886
Volume 1, Number 6, published July 1886
Volume 1, Number 7, published August 1886
Volume 1, Number 8, published September 1886
Volume 1, Number 9, published October 1886
Volume 1, Number 10, published July 1887
Volume 1, Number 11, published September 1888
Volume 1, Number 12, published November 1888
Volume 2, Number 1, published March 1889
Volume 3, Number 1, published April 1890
Volume 3, Number 2, published May 1890