We've received several emails from people who either participated in this particular excursion or who know some of the participants.

from Pete Quinby:

In the first row, the 4th girl from the left in a dark dress is Claudia Brown, the 5th girl is Ester Cotton. They were neighbors on Tanner Street.

In the last row the first man from the left is teacher Dwight Perry and the younger bald-headed man on his left is John Perry, Dwight's son. They also lived on Tanner St.

from Patty Little Whitehill:

I remember my class:

Front row:Joanne LaBarron, Sarah Perry
2nd row:Georgeann McCaughey, Judy Jackson
3rd row: -------, -------, Betsy Salafia, -------, Mary Lou Johnston
4th row: Perry's older daughter, Kathleen Tierney, Poppy Gerard, Phyllis Solomon, Patty Little
5th row: Dwight Perry, Karen Steckel , Maryann Beach, nurse, Jill Diskan
6th row: John Perry, -------, science teacher, Mr. Hunt, Meryl Lafferty

I recognize the others but, will have to check yearbooks for names!
What fun to see the old photo!

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from Nancy Whitehill Paslaski to Dick Jenkins:

Hi, Dick

My sister-in-law, Patty Little Whitehill, is in this picture. I sent it to her and she has identified most of the people. Mr. Perry's older daughter, Liz, graduated in 1953 with my sister, Jeanne.

It is a lot of fun seeing these pictures from our past. More fun is identifying the faces!!!


From Patty Little Whitehill to Nancy Paslaski:

Regarding the picture I sent you with you in it -- It was Dwight Perry, with Mr. Hunt, Mr. Phinney, and John Perry were the drivers. We had four station wagons, each had a word on them: westward ho the wagons! No one wanted to ride in ho (ha ha!) It was the Perry Hunt tour. The school nurse and Sarah Perry's older sister were the lady chaperones. I think it was the summer after my freshman year 1957. The gals were in my class, 1960, and the class before, 1959. Sarah Perry had an appendix attack and she and her sister flew back to Manchester soon after the trip started!

Funny which details stick in your in your mind!

I am still trying to figure out how we (32) fit in four station wagons! I guess we used the cargo area because the luggage rack was up top. We were allowed one trunk from Marlow's of a specific size! We stayed in motels and camped!

From Nancy Paslaski to Dick Jenkins:

Hi, Dick --
I asked my sister-in-law for more info and the following is what she sent me. Pat and my brother, Jim, graduated from MHS in 1960. I believe their class was the first to spend all four years in the "new" high school.

I'm getting a kick out of the interest in this picture! It's like a great mystery!

From Dick Jenkins to Nancy Paslaski:

Thanks, Nancy. Ford made a 9-passenger station wagon in those days so it was possible to accommodate 32 passengers when you had 36 seating spaces. I would imagine the front bench seat, center seat was left open for the comfort of the driver. I know from experience how cramped an automobile could be when every seat was filled since six of us airmen drove from Denver Colorado, NON STOP to Manchester while on leave. Classmate Terry Aitken and I made that trip with 4 others.

Sandy and I were just talking about Marlow's yesterday. If you couldn't find a really oddball item anywhere chances were Marlow's had it ... or you were to go without.

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From Dorothy Hunt to Susan Barlow (January 6, 2016):

Hello, Just wanted you to know that Gil Hunt (now 95) was able to enjoy this picture and memories. I am his daughter Dorothy and assist him reading his Facebook posts. He enjoyed the memory and so did I, as I was on a tour about 10 years later. He can't type easily any more but can still read. Thanks for the memories!


From Dick Jenkins to Susan Barlow:

Thanks to Pat and Nancy, I believe we have all the names that can be had.


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