Floor Work at History Center

reprinted from the May, 2010 edition of the Courier newsletter

FOURTEEN MEMBERS OF THE NEW ENGLAND COUNCIL OF CARPENTERS (NECC) volunteered in February at the Society’s future loom display, installing flooring in an area of the History Center building that had suffered water damage.

The project was spearheaded by Joe Lawler, a director of the Historical Society, George Meadows, business manager of Local 43, and William Jordan (pictured, center with hands on hips), the NECC business representative and organizer.

The carpenters and apprentices spent most of Saturday, February 20 and Friday, February 26 building the subfloor and fitting the hardwood flooring on top. The union regularly does volunteer work in the community as part of its outreach mission. In this photo, some silk looms can be seen to the left.

Volunteer carpenters, left to right, Jorge Torres, Michelle Campbell, Carmen Scarletta (back to camera), Bill Jordan, Brian Goetz, and Dean Pallotti.

Much of the “new” flooring installed is actually old wood that came from a demolished building at the Hilliard Mills, donated by owners Peter Bonzani and partners.

The Historical Society has been working on the future loom exhibit for several years, with volunteer work by Society members, local businesses, and Eagle Scout candidates.