Loom Exhibit Taking Shape

reprinted from the November, 2010 edition of the Courier newsletter

Our future exhibit of silk manu­facturing in Manchester is beginning to come together in the History Center. The centerpiece will be the four large looms donated to us several years ago. In addi­tion, there will be other textile looms and equipment used in the manufacture of silk goods. These will include manually oper­ated wooden looms and braiding machines.

The area in the History Center dedi­cated to this exhibit has been under reno­vation for several years and many people have worked to make it usable as an exhibit space. Lighting and electrical work was recently completed, appropriately enough, by students from the Electrical Shop at Howell Cheney Technical School under the direction of Bruce McKechnie. Both Senior and Junior classes worked on this and were happy to be able to gain hands-on experience in a commercial setting.

With that electrical work completed, the four mechanical looms and the bobbin winding machine were recently moved to their final locations using rollers and the brute force of our volunteers. Now the interesting work begins. We will attempt to get at least some of the machines operating again, which will take a while as many pieces have yet to be assembled and the operation of the machines deci­phered. Stay tuned for future updates on our progress in creating this exhibit.