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"WINF and Muhammad Ali"
This photo shows prizefighter Muhammad Ali at WINF, a former Manchester radio station. "Sparring" with him is the son of Edwin Everett, a Town police officer. The man to the prizefighter's right is probably part of his entourage. Ken Burkamp, professional photographer, took this photo on 11/3/1967, and has donated it to the Manchester Historical Society. Thank you, Ken.

Muhammad Ali granted interviews at WINF and around the country during his 3½-year ban from boxing, triggered by his refusal to serve in the military, while not being granted Conscientious Objector status. The Supreme Court reversed its 1967 conviction, finding that Aliís objection to the draft was justifiably founded upon his religious beliefs.

Ali was boxingís first three-time heavyweight champion. He was born Cassius Clay in 1942, and is famous for his quotes, such as "I am the greatest" and "I am the people's champion -- you can walk up to me and say hello."

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• John Sobiski of Lancaster, CA writes: I think this picture was taken when WINF was located at the back of the Parkade where the PAL is now. I remember two things about WINF: they used to carry radio broadcasts of Yankee games and Jeff Jacobs. Jeff Jacobs was a DJ from England who loved Sinatra and played him endlessly. He also claimed that he once had a chance to manage the Beatles and turned it down.