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"Kissman Farm"
The Kissman Farm on East Middle Turnpike in a 1961 photo by Ken Burkamp. The pictured farm was “up just a little from where the old Motts was. This Kissman family owned much of the land that became the Green Manor development. The house was taken down years ago."

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• Eileen Sweeney writes, "According to family history and information I've researched since, I think this property was my maternal great grandmother's -- her name was Augusta Kissmann. She is buried in East Cemetery. She had two sons, Charles and William Hoffner (originally Hopfner). There are old photos of the three of them on the farm. My mother's father William married my maternal grandmother Olavine Gardner Hoffner. When they were first married (around 1923) they lived at the Manchester Green in the former Woodbridge Tavern while William worked at the Glastonbury Knitting Mill next to the Woodbridge Farmstead. My maternal grandmother told me that Grandma Hoffner lived on a farm at the Green on the way to Bolton. I think Augusta Kissman Hoffner died around 1940."