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"11 Corner Soda Shop"
Stylized photo of the Corner Soda Shop about 1970 by Paul Barrett. The shop had entrances both on Main Street and Bissell Street. Inside was a long counter with stools and a few tables. Staff from The Manchester Herald frequented the Shop.

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• Bob Gauthier of Coventry writes, "This was THE place to be both before and after attending the double feature that was being shown at the old State Theater shown in the background of the photo. Before the movie to buy a couple candy bars to eat during the show. They were only a nickel at the soda shop and a dime at the theater. If we wanted popcorn we would go to Grants, located a little further down the street and get a large bag (about 18") tall for a dime. That sure beat the puny bag that the same dime would buy inside the theater.

"After the show everyone would again retreat to the soda shop and wait for their ride home. It used to get extremely crowded especially after the show. It was quite a landmark.

"My family lived at the old 27 Cook Street residence for several years in the 50s from early 1953 until September 1958 when we moved across town to North Elm Street.

"I can remember when Green Manor was nothing more than a pasture and Rock Ledge was just beginning to be developed. Shady Glen was about half it's present size, and the Green School was........the Green School. I attended grades K-6 there.

"I remember my parents telling me about our house once being THE green school and that it was at one time located where the present Green School (Senior Center) is now.

"My parents owned the duplex and we resided at 27 Cook St. and rented out the 29 Cook Street side. It was definitely not my parents dream house but a house where we could live while saving for a better place. It was fairly small place with half the 1st floor being the living room while the kitchen and master bedroom took up the balance of the 1st floor. There was also a small pantry off the kitchen.

"For a parent this place was an nightmare. Old, run down, drafty and cold but for my brother and I, who were 8 and 11 at the time, this place was a dream come true. There was the brook (I think the Hop River) which ran along side plus acres and acres of woods. There was a vacant lot across the street where we played baseball and there was always England's Lumber yard where we would clime on the stacks of lumber or maybe swipe a few pieces for our many tree houses that we would build. I could go on and on but just let me say that my finest childhood memories are from my days at that house."

Webmaster's Note: You can find additional information on the Manchester Green School, including comments by Bob's brother Ray about the house they lived in, in the "Schools of the Past, But Still With Us" section of this web site, by clicking Manchester Green School.

• John Sobiski of Lancaster, CA notes: The Soda Shop was right next to the State Theatre. You can see the marquee in the picture.