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"27 - Sinch MCC"

Photo by the late Sinch Ofiara (1926-2012), pictured in back row, second from left. Sinch taught photography at MCC for 20 years. This could be the MCC camera club or a photography class? There's no date. Hope to get more information on this.

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• Jim Perry of Manchester writes, "I was able to see mystery photograph much better on my computer. I believe Dan Roggi is student in back row left. He owns/owned Steven or Stephan Charles photography in Vernon for years, but when I googled it went to Dan Roggi Photography so he may have sold the Charles business. In any regard I would estimate picture is from around 1982 because I believe I was attending school in Providence and visited this class as a guest speaker. Anyway I think it's Dan Roggi and he would be able to confirm."