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"33 - KingsDeptStore"

King's department store photo by Reggie Pinto (1925-2011) for the Manchester Evening Herald. The photo isn't dated, but it may be after King's moved to the Parkade from the Cheney mill on Pine Street.

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David Evans, now of Los Angeles, writes, "I grew up in Manchester (born in 1956) and went to King's at Cheney Mills frequently with my mom."

What is this a picture of? That is definitely not from the Cheney Mills era. There were no drop ceilings at the Cheney Mills location. Plus the thick ties, hair styles and pricing of the suits indicate the early 1970s.

Robert Gauthier replies: Yes, It sure looks like the Parkade Kings. The ceiling at the old Kings on Pine Street were not tiled like the ceiling is in the photo.