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"36 - BursackBros"

An ad in the 1927 Manchester Directory for Bursack Brothers Quality Market brought back memories to at least one Society member. The page in the Catalog where this ad was taken from can be accessed from the "Reprints" section of our website by clicking here.

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• Dick Jenkins forwarded us this email segment:

A recent project just completed by the Manchester Historical Society was the scanning and digitizing of the 1927 Manchester Directory, a hardcover publication that was offered for sale every year. In my cursory look of the directory I came across this listing. Bob Morrison and I frequently bring up your father's name when we discuss our childhood and being employees of the Bursack Grocery Store. On my recent visit back home Bob and I had breakfast in a restaurant located in the former Bursack business. Bob mentioned, "We are sitting right about where Danny's meat counter once stood. I had the job of getting inside the meat case display every Saturday night and cleaning the glass. I also replaced the sawdust on the floor in the meat locker. It was my job to slice, price and wrap all of the various cheeses offered for sale. There was a small, handheld heating iron that sealed each package of cheese. Bob Morrison's father worked for the business for many years and luckily bought the Cape Cod home directly behind Westown Pharmacy to minimize his commute to and from work." Ahhhh, those were the days.

I've included both Bob and Jim Doering, MHS'54 in this message since we all worked for your dad and uncle.