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"37 - HalesGrocery"

The self-serve grocery downstairs in Hale's Department Store, circa 1930s. (Hale's Department Store was on 2 floors upstairs.) Two loaves of bread for nine cents! Thank you to Susan Vaughn Harris for donating this picture.

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• Dick Jenkins writes: Susan, Here's one of your photos recently shared with me and one of Sinch's shots taken outside the Hales Self-Serve Market. I noticed that the image label read HouseHaleGrocery but I don't believe House and Hale were yet one, or at least the basement store was not partnered with Mr. House. The interior photo was taken looking east, northeast. That is, if you could see out the windows at sidewalk level across Oak Street you would see the Ferris Building and the end of Purnell Place. There was also an Oak Street entrance to the market just a bit west of the Circle Theater. As I recall you could also enter the market by taking a stairway down from the Main St. store level. I recall a landing midway down those stairs. I believe the interior shot was taken from that landing. There was also a freight elevator between the two floors.