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"44 - MobilService"

Photo by Sinch Ofiara, possibly 1964. Can viewers identify the location and owner of this striking service center?

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• Rudy Kissman writes: Carpenter's on Center Street.

• Ray Luce writes: It is the present day Charlie's Towing at 917 Center. I need a print of this photo!

• From Joy Moir: Love this photo. The current Mobil logo with the iconic red "o" surrounded by the blue M,b,i,l was designed in 1964, before Mobil adopted strict branding standards with its typographic logo. The Mobil logo to the left of the "Mobil Tires" sign was designed in 1955. So my best guess is sometime after 1955. Also, the oil can kiosks appear to be before the era of motor oil in plastic bottles.

• Patrick Dowling continues: Nice detective work, Jay. I think the car in the right corner is a Ford Falcon, so that would be after about 1965. I may be wrong, but the window seems to be reflecting what looks like a late 60s style muscle car, like an AMX. But I could be crazy.

• Lastly, Bradford Fisher writes: My Dad's service station down by Cheney Tech on West Middle Turnpike.