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A social get-together definitely has its advantages, claim the girls from the Class of 1955. They try to gather about once a month for lunch or dinner in or around Manchester. The gals encourage you who have not joined in on the fun and reminiscing to contact any of them to be part of their next gathering. Try it! You'll love it!!

These get-togethers have lead to other group activities that have proven most rewarding. For one, it was suggested that they spend an evening at the Goodspeed Opera House where our own Gerry Vichi was performing in the musical comedy, "Very Good Eddie." Jackie Bennett-Mirtl's recollections of this memorable night:

UNBELIEVABLE!!!! We (13 of us) had a GREAT time. Bette White had sent a note to him a while ago to let him know we were coming this evening. Joan Lutz had a gift and card for all of us to sign...she gave it to an usher/ticket taker when we arrived and asked that it be delivered to Gerry.

The show was really good and the part was perfect for Gerry. He got a big round of applause and hoots and hollers at the curtain call. After the show the 'gal grads' didn't know what to do so I told them what Roger (Lord) had suggested ... wait by the stage door to the right of the building...that's where the cast comes out. Low and behold....we waited for a little while and some of the cast started to leave the theater (looking a LOT different than they did on stage). One of us asked them if Gerry would be leaving soon, then told these 'youngsters' who we were and they were sooo excited they ran back in to tell him. When he came out we stood there and chanted "Gerrrrry!" -"Gerrry!"- "Gerrrr!y" Everyone around us was laughing. Then we stood there and introduced ourselves to him...he told us we haven't changed a bit...more laughter.

Gerry asked us to join him for pizza and drinks at the Italian restaurant across the street ... so we did. Gerry is well liked by the waiter-staff at the restaurant ... and they immediately set up a table for all of us. Sooooo we all started talking, joking, reminiscing and laughing etc. eating pizza and drinking wine. A reallllly fun time.

Gerry was sorry he didn't get a chance to see/talk with Roger Lord this time (he remembered seeing him after "No No Nanette"). He's looking forward to seeing Jane and some (all) of their kids when they come 'up' to see the show.


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